Pasheen is a  jazz vocalist, songwriter and producer.

As far as credits go, whatever it is…she’s done it!  She lets her music define her.  “I soar into the infinite future, and never look back.”

Pasheen is an avid animal rescuer, having rescued and rehomed over 65 dogs and cats in the past three years.

She supports the troops. The military and their families can get free MP3 downloads, by emailing her at

Her favorite review quotes:  full reviews on PRESS Page:

“And then there’s that voice! It is textured and haunting, a lesson in the mastery of phrasing, a history rich with tales and battle scars and luscious liquored flavorings, always in impeccable control, if at moments purposely letting loose grace notes both feral and unrestrained, and with the fattest, sexiest vibrato I think I’ve ever heard.”

Angela Carole Brown
Singer/Songwriter/Producer and author of “Trading Fours”

“She’s sexy, swinging, and outrageous. This record is beautifully produced and arranged by Pasheen, with the help of Barry Coffing and one of LA’s finest arranger/pianists, Rich Eames, and featuring a cast of LA’s finest, including horn players Bob Sheppard and Carl Saunders. She tells her stories with refreshing verve and honestly. We miss her on the left coast.”

Bill Cunliffe
Jazz pianist, composer and arranger

“Pasheen is a quietly passionate singer with a strong voice and a sensuous delivery. She is also a skilled songwriter (composing or co-writing eight of this CD’s dozen songs) who sets haunting moods that make her jazz debut, The Big Purr, into a type of modern-day jazz noir.”

Scott Yanow
Author of ten jazz books including “The Jazz Singers”, “Jazz On Film” and “Jazz On Record 1917-76”.

“Nailed isn’t the word!  Pasheen owns every song…she created the cosmos. “The Big Girl” is a master. I knew it from the first time I heard “The Voice”. No voice like that comes without major talent! The real reason that Jazz is, is the fact that you can “smell” the humanity in the pieces.  Pasheen’s lyrics reek of Humanity and its ins and outs.  You can smell the sweat, the perfume, the cigarette smoke, the dust and the mud in there – then you know it’s Jazz.”

Roger Strange
Jazz Studio Drummer, Jazz Critic/Canada

“A first-class project on all fronts.  Superb performances, clever lyrics, world-class production.   Pasheen is a treasure.”

Joe LoCascio
Pianist/Composer/Recording Artist